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Original Music Production is what we provide to our customers. We specialize in Original Commercial Music for Indie Artists, Indie Bands, TV, Radio, Film. broadcast and web. We also provide Original Ringtone Production Services, Lyric Writing, Music Arrangements, Pre & Post Audio Editing and Mixing and Mastering. We have well written and produced MP3 DOWNLOADS, AUDIO CDS, ORIGINAL SONG LYRICS, Music Tones, Wallpapers and More!

Michael Bell can also be found on Thumbtack, a really good site that helps promote businesses such as Bell Time Records...Click on the link and check what Bell Time is doing over there... Music Production Services

MICHAEL BELL: Below you will find original music written, arranged, performed and produced by: Michael Bell. The Audio Production on the following songs were recorded between 1991 - 2010. Just click on a title to listen to selected song.



JELIXA: Below you will find Commercial Music production of fresh New Original Songs written, arranged and produced by Michael Bell (some lyrics co-written by Jenny Morales), for the New "Beta" music Indie Artist Jelixa, out of North Richland Hills, Texas. Just click on a title in the player box below to listen to some unique sounding songs.



TAMALANEH: Below you will experience the "Old School Nu Skool" Rnb Commercial Music production on r&b artist "Tamalaneh, out of Lansing, Michigan. All songs were written, arranged and produced by Michael Bell (some lyrics were co-written with Jenny Morales), and are Original and available for Licensing. Just click on a title in the player box below to listen to some Unique Arrangements and songs that will surely be good for film, tv, radio, artists looking for a song, plus more.



DR. ALLEAN VARNADO LANG: Below you will Find Gospel at it's best! Contemporary Gospel Commercial music written by Dr. Allean and Produced by Michael Bell (except you are my first love). Dr. Allean is also an Indie Artist who writes all of her own songs. These audio tracks are also available for Licensing. Just click on a title in the player box below to listen to one of the anointed songs that will surely engage you from start to finish.


Check out the Live Music Video Footage of Old School Rnb Recording Artist "Ultimate Taste Band". To book this band contact Michael Bell at: 517-894-3525.


Michael Bell, producer and owner of Indie Record Label Bell Time Records, have produced and provided Original Music Production of a variety of good composed and arranged Songs performed by various artists such as; the sensational "Beta" Music Artist Jelixa, Hip Hop artist Baby Fame, Old School Nu Skool recording artist Tamalaneh, Contemporary and Traditional Gospel Artist Dr. Allean Varnado Lang, and Funk Jazz / Contemporary Gospel Artist Michael Bell. You can click on the Player below to Listen to, purchase and Download Songs.



We've done Commercial Music Production of Original Gospel Songs by: Dr. Allean Varnado Lang



Check out our Song Hooks at, We would love to write the hook to your next hit song.


Dr.%20Allean%20Varnado%20Lang Nu%20Michigan%20Soul%20Searchers Jelixa

Click on My Beta Music Collection below. Check out the Original Music on display on Nimbit. Click on the link below and it will take you to different artists and genres of songs.

Check out belltimerecords on Nimbit.

REAKS Records​ presents the first ever GLOBAL SOUND COLLAGE featuring 58 musicians from around the world doing their thing on original produced music. I am proud that my Artist Jelixa is in the top pick and she comes in at around 2:04s.